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Masterinsole offers you a battery of three sports templates designed biomechanically for each sporting activity.

The quality of manufacture of our sports templates is very important to us as they protect and enhance the sporting activity of our customers.
The best sports templates at your disposal.
It is not the same to enhance digital take-off to enhance the race or continuous gait as it is stabilizing the forefoot and reinforcing it to enhance pedaling while stabilizing the cycling heel.

In track sports it is essential that the user of our sports templates is protected as much as possible from the braking and turning movements that so many injuries produce.
We offer sports templates for the following activities.
Running and hiking.


Track sports.

We offer you the most biomechanically evolved templates for each of these sports groups.

The quality of manufacture is maximum performed by highly qualified orthoprosthetic personnel with the best materials offered by the world of orthoprosthetics.

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