Shipping costs

Free freight on most products starting at 50 euros on the peninsula!

In we offer you the most suitable transport for your needs. These are our rates:
  1. Peninsula.
    • From 0 to 49.99 euros of purchase: 3.99 euros (VAT included)
    • From $50 onwards:FREE
  2. Balearic.
    • From 0 to 40 euros of purchase: 11.95 euros (VAT included)
    • From 40o to 150o purchase: 9.95o (VAT included)
    • From 150 euros of purchase: 5.95 euros (VAT included)
  3. Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands (via Correos)The shipping cost is 32.00 euros (VAT included). You can consult with our Customer Service Department a personalized quote.
The shipping cost includes its packaging and handling. All shipments are made using 24-hour express courier companies (in Peninsular Spain). The delivery times of each item are specified on the product page according to the availability we have at any time in our warehouses. In the case of the Balearic Islands orders are always delivered one day after the deadline that appears on the product page. In Ceuta and Melilla the delivery time varies from 3 to 5 working days longer than specified on the product page. The delivery time for the Canary Islands is between 7 and 10 days longer than specified on the product page. These conditions apply to any sale except purchases made against refund.


The conditions for refund shipments are as follows:
  • From 0 to 150 euros, the shipment will cost 5.95 euros
  • From 150 eurosonwards it is not allowed against the refund
If you have any questions, please write to our Customer Service Department at