Legs asleep in pregnancy. Causes

legs asleep

The nine months of pregnancy especially the last five are a period of great impressive hormonal and physical changes in a very short period and the legs asleep in pregnancy are a plus sign.

Pregnant woman experiences sudden mood swings, strange cravings.

Nothing can be more normal than experiencing such changes when a new life is brewing within you.

What are the causes numbness of the legs in pregnancy.

Legs asleep in pregnancy. Causes

One of the most common problems during pregnancy is that the pregnant woman suffers from sleeping legs.

There are different reasons that can cause the effect of sleeping legs on the pregnant woman. That we went on to list you.

Stay in the same position for a long time.

That the nerves in the leg are over-pressured swelling of the legs, for example.

As the gestation progresses, the fetus produces a stretch of the gestant’s belly that can produce sleeping legs.

However, in some cases having your legs asleep for often can be a symptom of a possible pathology. Like sciatica or anemia.

In the case of having your legs asleep very often and for long periods of time you would have to consider visiting your doctor to evaluate it in a personalized way.

How we can relieve asleep legs in pregnancy

Legs asleep in pregnancy. Causes

There are different remedies that we can put into practice ourselves to relieve tired legs syndrome.

If we put them into practice we can feel more comfortable and relieve our sleeping legs

Do not lift anything weighing more than 3 kilograms. Ask for help when you need to lift something heavier.

Better sitting than lying down so I don’t have my legs asleep. In pregnancy lying down increases the chances of getting numb legs.

Exercise in moderation consult your doctor to recommend the type of exercise you can do.

Pathologies that can cause sleeping legs in pregnancy.


When the sciatic nerve suffers excessive pressures this can cause pain.

The anatomical path of the sciatic nerve is descending from the lower back down the back to the Leg.

The sciatic nerve is the thickest and longest nerve in the human body at its widest part has the caliber approximately of the thumb hand in hand.

The sciatic nerve can hurt anywhere in your where this nerve is under pressure.

Normally in pregnant women the pain radiates from the lower back to leg.

Pregnant women suffer from sciatica especially in recent years three months pregnant.

Causes asleep legs in pregnancy

As we said earlier when the sciatic nerve is under pressure or an inflammatory process it causes pain.

Herniated disc or osteoarthritis are very common causes of sciatica.

Increasing the pressure exerted by the fetal bag against back in recent months produces sciatica (lumbar lordosis).

Fluid retention in the tissues around the nerve.

Inflammation of surrounding tissues.


The use of painkillers.

Massage with your physical therapist.

Regularly do stretching exercise tables.

Put hot and cold compresses in the affected area.

If your doctor prescribes steroid use.


Peripheral neuropathy.

Pregnant women with peripheral neuropathy are very prone to sleeping legs and the most common symptoms are.


Cold feet.


Pregnant patients with diabetes experience sleeping leg syndrome, tingling and fluid retention more pronouncedly than other pregnant women.


The patient with diabetes suffers from further deterioration blood vessels and deteriorate peripheral nerves.


As all diabetics, it is essential to control diabetes with your doctor especially if you’re pregnant.

Conduct regular checks to know the level of sugar in Blood.

Diabetes decreases thermal sensation so you have to be careful of your feet and hands to avoid burns.

Maintain a diet suitable for diabetic patients.

Perform gentle exercises such as walking.

Deficiency of vitamin B12.

B vitamins are of extreme importance to the right nervous breakdown. Suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency causes tingling, sleeping legs and numbness in the legs during the Pregnancy.


Inadequate intake is the most common cause, but there are other reasons that can lead to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Poor nutrient absorption by our Body.

Do not take vitamin supplements during pregnancy.

Have vomiting frequently during pregnancy.

Suffer from certain bowel diseases.

Autoimmune diseases such as anemia Pernicious.


Eat animal protein.

Ingest prenatal vitamins.

Vitamin B12 injections when anemia is severe.

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