In pregnancy increases the size of the foot.

changes in pregnancy

We all know that in pregnancy the size of thefoot increases for different reasons such as fluid retention the foot of pregnant women is higher.

What we didn’t know is that after pregnancy it increases the size of the foot. Or put another way, the changein foot size during pregnancy becomes a permanent change.

One study shows that the change in the size of the pregnant woman’s foot is permanent.

There were already different studies that showed us that hormonal and physiological changes in the pregnancy period cause changes in the size of the foot.

Previous studies only studied the gestation period and found that changes in foot size occurred in most pregnant women.

The surprise comes in a recent study by Neil Segal, an associate researcher at the University of Iowa in the department of orthopedics and rehabilitation who showed that these changes remain after delivery.

A real surprise in orthopedic research. In pregnancy increases the size of the foot

In a previous study Segal already found that between 30 and 60% of women noticed physiological changes in the foot during the gestation period.

This led Segal to wonder whether there was a possibility that these changes would persist over time and he decided to conduct a study to answer this question.

pregnancy increases the size of the foot

Conclusions of the study.

The biggest physiological change in a pregnant woman’s foot occurs in the first birth.

Women with previous births do not experience changes as significant in subsequent births as in the first delivery.

The inner arch of the foot decreases in its height. The foot vault flattens Foot length increases from 2 to 10 mm. A flattening occurs in the pregnant woman’s foot.

This is a symptom like sleeping legs in pregnancy

The percentage of women with foot changes is 60 to 70%. Approximately 18% of women report that they made changes in the number of footwear permanently.

Causes of changing the size of the foot in the pregnant woman.

In principle, researchers thought that changes in pregnant women’s feet are caused by increased perch that support the feet during the gestation period.

This results in an increase in loads and pressures in the foot that they have to manage during the static and dynamics of their daily life.

It is also alleged to cause the hormonal increase suffered by pregnant women that is causing some slack in the joints and elongation of ligaments in pregnant women.

This results in the anatomical structure of the foot being more sensitive to modifying its anatomical structure.

Pregnancy is a period of physical and hormonal changes affecting women and these changes are normal.

They need to increase the doctor’s control of themselves in the different phases of pregnancy.

The changes that occur in the foot are the least drastic, but they are permanent changes in foot size.

That’s why we especially recommend in pregnancy that pregnant woman buys her shoes early in the afternoon.

Since in the afternoon the foot undergoes a process of dilation in normal state let alone in gestation.

In this period increases that in pregnancy increases the size of the foot

Upcoming studies.

In the future Segal wants to conduct studies on the increased risk of arthritis in the foot, knees and hips in pregnant women.

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