1 Make sure what payment method you will use to make the transaction (see ‘Payment methods’ box).

2 Start searching for the items you want to purchase. Either by navigating the sections of the store (sports templates, orthopedic templates.) or by using a specific term in the page search engine.

3 As you find the products, you will see that in each one you have the possibility to click on the “Add to cart”, “Add to cart” or “Add to bag” button. So far you’ve only selected what you like and can make changes, remove a product from your cart, or add more.

Usually the products you add to the shopping cart stay there for 24 hours. After that time they could disappear from inventory. Be very attentive if it is an offer that lasts a single day so that you do not miss the opportunity.

4 When you finish choosing and once you are fully a sure that you have achieved what you were looking for, you can pay. Usually, at the end of the list of products in your shopping cart you can see a “Pay” button. In this step you will need to fill out a form with personal information: name, ID number, address, shipping data, billing details.

On that form or on the next page, you will need to enter your credit card details or they will tell you what to do according to the payment method you have chosen. There you will know the total of your purchase and shipping costs. It is also likely that the allied shipping company will offer a guide number for you to enter the page, know the route of the box and the approximate time it will take to get the items in your hands.

At the end of the transaction the system will announce that it was successful and you will only have to wait for the arrival of the order at your home or office.

Payment methods

By credit card: Youwill usually find that all cards are accepted, Diners, American Express, Visa or Mastercard.

Debit card: it is similar to cash payment, the advantage is that you can do it online. Remember that to process the transaction you must enter your primary key number. Some banks require that a “second key” be entered that the same entity is responsible for giving you for such transactions. Risks, such as at an ATM, lie, for example, in someone seeing the key. You will also need to pay close attention so that you do not enter a fake page.

Consider these steps and you will notice that buying online is a reliable and fast method for you to get those products you love so much.