30-day masterinsole satisfaction guarantee policy.

You can return Masterinsole templates® within 30 calendar days from the date of shipment.

The 30-day Masterinsole warranty® only affects our brand templates such as Masterinsole orthopedic or sports templates® other templates from another brand are not included in our warranty and of course no product on our website other than templates that we may have in the future.

The templates will have to be returned inside their original packaging and attaching the one of the purchase invoice.

You will also have to communicate to us a bank account number in which we will make the deposit of the purchase of the Masterinsole templates® The cost of sending the return will be borne by the buyer.

Once the returned Masterinsole product has been received® you will verify that the returned product is not damaged, we will check the invoice and packaging of the product and if there is no damage and everything is correct we will proceed within ten days to make the refund of the money to the account that you indicate.

Don’t forget to enter an account number to make the return and attach the purchase invoice to us.

You will have the possibility to receive a new pair of masterinsole templates and if you do not want to exchange the product for another we will proceed to make the withdrawal of the money from the purchase.

The address to which you will have to make the return is:

Avenida Hermanos Machado 57-29

Valencia 46019

Valencia Spain

If you want to contact us you can do so by sending an email to contacto@masterinsole.com or by calling 633936591 From Monday to Friday 10 to 12 am Spanish time.

The prices set are in euros and include the I.V.A Masterinsole® is not responsible for price changes, product availability or printing errors.