Who are we?

Plantillasortopedicasonline.com born in 2009 to get closer health products conveniently and provide you with the best online shopping experience in Europe. We offer you a complete catalogue of products chosen for you and yours with the best prices and with all the Guarantees.

Plantillasortopedicasonline.com was born from Unión Podológica Geriátrica S.L., Plantillasortopedicasonline.com company specialized in orthopedics specialized in geriatric care created and formed by professionals of orthopedics and podiatry today we create Plantillasortopedicasonline.com brand that works in the field of orthopedics that with the other brand of the group Plantillasortopedicasonline.com an online store in which to acquire products related to orthopedics sport and wellness we form our company.

Since our origins, a differentiating aspect has been the special attention in the quality of the products offered, with delivery in 48 hours in most cases and a special need to offer you high quality products.